Overseas business that changes beauty salons

Overseas utilization management of beauty salons

Experiential Knowledge of Beauty Salons in Japan: Enhancing Overseas Profit Structure

Success Consulting

  • Management of beauty salons in Japan and abroad

    Management consultation

  • Opening of stores in ASEAN countries overseas

    Support for establishment of beauty salons

  • Profitability improvement of beauty salons in Japan and abroad

    Financial consultation

If you are an owner of a business like this, please contact us:

  • Running a beauty salon in Japan.

  • Would like to open salon in Asia in the future.

  • Already running a salon overseas.

  • Struggling to make profits in Japan.

This is what we want to convey to the beauty salon industry:

Even if you earn the same money, you can solve problems by changing the location.

Attract customers, educate, recruit and open stores. In addition, many owners are struggling with cash flow due to the high tax rate, rising wages and rising prices confronting beauty salon management all at once.

Even if we take various measures and earn profits in the domestic market, further taxes will hurt our business.

Profits are currently subject to many factors such as corporate tax rate of about 33%, scheduled tax payments, labor insurance and social insurance.

Overseas business can alleviate this difficult situation.

There are various possibilities overseas, such as improving finances by conducting business only in Japan while maintaining contact with overseas or increasing profit margins significantly by opening salons overseas.

With a proven track record overseas, we support owners who run beauty salons overseas as a solution.

Realize a new profit structure

by learning about the merits of overseas markets and tax systems.

Profit generation scheme

Expertise to maximize the benefits of beauty salons

Success model with thorough understanding of beauty salon finances

Profit generation

Accelerate expansion of salons in Japan.

Consulting for expanding
to a large number of salons

We offer support for expanding to a large number of salons in Japan. We provide a wide range of support, from financial review to knowing how to attract customers, human resource management, brand awareness and service development. We will help accelerate expansion of salons in Japan.

Tax effect

Support for opening of salons in Asia.

Overseas salon management

We support the operation of overseas salons utilizing overseas business schemes. We provide total management consultation such as marketing, advertising to attract customers, and salon operation to realize tax benefits.


Domestic/overseas salon management consulting

Management consultation for
regular Zoom meetings

Being equipped with specialized expertise in beauty salon management, we provide comprehensive support according to the situation and issues facing salons.

Support for establishment and management of beauty salons

ASEAN countries

We support the opening of stores in ASEAN countries, which are popular destinations for Japanese people to move to. Salon operation in ASEAN countries has great merits in terms of tax system, and are places where hairdressers can get started easily. We provide timely information and support from the local ASEAN beauty industry.

A beauty salon reform project
that generates profits
Overseas utilization management of
beauty salons

Opening of stores in ASEAN countriesProfitability improvement of beauty salons in Japan and abroad

Proven track record for support

Here are some examples of our consulting experience:


What we want to convey a change to the beauty industry:

In the beauty industry, there are many hairdressers who aspire to become beauticians because of their gorgeous and fashionable image and dream of having their own salon someday. We however noted that there were many who gave up their dream of becoming a beautician or owning their own salon after observing the management situation of the salons and the difficulty of opening and operating their own business while still employed as a stylist.

In order to support the future and work style of salon owners and hairdressers who work there, we offer expertise in how to run a profitable business in the beauty industry and work together with owners to come up with business solutions. More beauticians are now becoming interested in trying to work overseas, and more salons are looking to expand overseas as well. Since our company is based in Malaysia, we also provide support for opening salons in Asia and for salons operating in ASEAN countries.

By increasing the number of salons enjoying fat profits with our support, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the work style and image of hairdressers.

Representative: Teruya Koike

Frequently Asked Questions

A beauty salon reform project
that generates profits
Overseas utilization management of
beauty salons

Opening of stores in ASEAN countriesProfitability improvement of beauty salons in Japan and abroad